Get a season pass to Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure.

Pass Information

The following is information on the Torrent Falls Via Ferrata Passes.  Please see Via ferrata for a description of what this activity is.  Please see Guided Rock Climbing or Guided Rappelling for information on other activities offered.

Thumbs up for a season pass!Day Pass

$45 per participant

Group Discounts

10% off at 15 or more participants

Boy Scouts of America & Venturing Crew Discounts

$40 per participant*

*If you are a BSA Troop or Venturing Crew you may participate at $40 per person.  You must be participating as a Troop or Crew.  This discount does not apply if you participating as an individual.  The Group Discount Rates still apply.

Consecutive 2nd Day Pass

$15.00 per participant

That’s correct!  You can climb the via ferrata the next day for only $15 per person!

Season Pass

$90.00 per participant

Season pass begins the sign up date and ends 12 months later; however we are only open seasonally – March 1st through December 1st.  Upon each arrival there is a $15 set up fee.

Benefits of being a Season Pass Holder:

  • You only pay $15 upon every visit.

  • You receive a 10% discount on your first Guided Trip (either rock climbing or rappelling). You can have up to 6 participants. You must make a reservation. See Guided Rock Climbing or Guided Rappelling for more information.

  • You receive a $5 off coupon on a Via Ferrata Day Pass that you can share with a friend.

  • Participate in the Guided Night Climbing on the Via Ferrata for only $20 per hour.

  • Your waiver is on file for 1 year, so you do not have to continually fill out the waiver form.

  • You do not have to participate in the training course as long as your visit is less than 6 months from your last visit.