Experience outstanding scenery from the tops of classic Red River Gorge climbs!

Multi-Pitch Climbing

Ready for even more adventure?  Torrent Falls offers multi-pitch climbing trips.  These are private trips that are catered to you.

What is Multi-Pitch Climbing?


Daniel Wilkes - Torrent Falls Multi-pitch Instructor

Daniel Wilkes – Torrent Falls Multi-pitch Instructor

Multi-pitch climbing occurs when the first climber also known as the leader will climb a route to a designated anchor.  This lead climber will then belay the remaining climber and/or climbers up to this anchor located above the ground.  Then the process is repeated until the climbers have reached the top of the cliff line or the top of the route.  Typically the climbers return to the ground by rappelling multiple times or by walking off of the summit if there is decent trail.  This type of climbing allows climbers to climb tall rock faces. These tall rock faces are usually taller than 100ft in length.

Lesson topics

Generally these trips take on one of two forms.  The first form would be to experience multi-pitch climbing.  Although climbing here in the Red River Gorge, KY is known for its steep single pitch terrain, you can experience a whole new realm to climbing in the Red.  Multi-pitch climbing adds a new thrill of greater heights, more breathtaking views, and new-found experiences.  Some classic multi-pitch climbs in the Red River Gorge, such as Whiteout, Bed time for Bonzo, and FoxFire allow you to obtain some adventure climbing with thrilling views.

The second form would be that you want to learn more about multi-pitch climbing.  In this scenario the instructor will focus more on skills, technique, and climbing systems that are involved with multi-pitch climbing.  Detailed skills of anchor building, rope management, transition phases, efficiency, and added safety concerns are all topics that can be covered.

Who can participate?

Multi-pitch climbing can be more intense making these classes geared for adults that have some climbing experience.

Allergies, Medical Conditions, Pertinent Past History: If there are any allergies, medical conditions, or anything that we would need to know, please let us know and inform your instructor upon arrival.  If there are any medical conditions please do not forget to bring any medications (including EpiPens/inhalers, etc.).  This activity is NOT recommended for anyone that has a serious medical condition


Reservations are required.  Reservations will need a 50% non-refundable deposit to reserve the instructor.  Please see our Reservations page or call 606-668-6613 for more information.


Please click here (and then scroll down to multi-pitch climbing) for the pricing list for all activities offered by Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure.

Important info/faq

  • Safety is our # 1 concern, but there is risk with any high adventure activity.
  • These courses are designed for adults with prior climbing experience, however there are exceptions.
  • We take trips out Rain or Shine!
  • These trips are full day trips, typically starting at 9am.  Plan to be out for about 5-8 hours.
  • The max amount of clients for these trips are two, however there are exceptions, please call for more information.
  • For a detailed list of what to bring, please see the What To Bring page under Plan Your Trip.
  • Food/Snacks/Water is not provided, so make sure you bring your own!
  • All climbing gear is provided but if you have your own you are welcome to use it.
  • Gratuity for our guides is not included in the pricing.  Management recommends tipping your instructors 10-20%