Guided Rock Climbing

Located in the one of the premier climbing destination on the east coast, the Red River Gorge, KY, Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure offers private guided rock climbing classes from professionally certified climbing instructors.  Whether you are new to the sport of rock climbing or have been climbing for multiple years and want to hone in your skills, we can accommodate you with our ½ day or full day guided trips.  All of our guided trips are with American Mountain Guides Association Single Pitch Instructor (AMGA SPI) certified instructors.

Beginner ClimbingBeginner Rock Climbing

Brief Description:

Want to experience Rock Climbing in the beautiful Red River Gorge, KY? This class is designed to do just that! No experience or little experience, young or old, large group or just you, this day of climbing can be catered to fit your needs.

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Who this class is designed for:

  • People that want to experience real outdoor climbing with a certified guide.
  • All Ages
  • All group sizes

Lesson Topics:

  • Learn how to properly fit a harness & helmet
  • Learn how to tie into a rope
  • Learn how to belay
  • Learn basic climbing skills
  • Learn about climbing equipment



Beginner Level
Number of Participants Half Day Rates Full Day Rates
1 $110 $165
2 $100 $130
3 $80 $110
4 $75 $100
5 $70 $95
6 $65 $90
7 $80
8 $75
9 $70
10 $65
11 $60
12 or more $55


Intermediate climberIntermediate Rock Climbing

Brief Description:

Already know how to tie in and belay and are ready to learn lead climbing and route cleaning – this is the next step for you!

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Who this class is designed for:

  • People that already have basic climbing skills/knowledge; More specifically, people that already know how to put on a harness, tie in, belay, and basic body movement.
  • People that want to move towards becoming a safe, and proficient climber.
  • People that want to learn lead climbing, route cleaning, and anchors.These are also great gym to outdoor transition classes.

Lesson Topics:

  • Learn about route cleaning and anchors
  • Learn about lead climbing (via a mock lead setup)
  • Advanced body movement & climbing techniques
  • Learn about placing traditional climbing equipment


Intermediate Level
Number of Participants Half Day Full Day
1 $120 $185
2 $110 $150
3 $90 $130
4 $80 $120
5 $75 $110
6 $70 $100


Advanced rock climberAdvanced Rock Climbing

Brief Description:

In short this is our lead climbing class! In this class you will be able to lead climb (at the instructor’s discretion). You will also learn techniques to progress to the next climbing grade, and steps to becoming a well-rounded climber.

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Who this class is designed for:

  • Intermediate/Advanced climbers that are familiar with lead climbing and cleaning are ready to try it on their own with the guidance of a certified climbing instructor. A good example is a climber that lead climbs in a gym but has not done so outside or has only done so a few times.
  • Climbers that are ready to up their climbing grade from 5.9 to 5.10.
  • Climbers that are visiting the Red for climbing, but did not have a climbing partner and what to hire someone that is safe and has experience.
  • Climbers who understand how traditional climbing equipment works, and are ready to do their first leads.
  • Climbers who have all the equipment to climb outdoors but want to become more proficient.

Lesson Topics:

  • Lead climbing
  • How to fall
  • Progressing climbing technique and resting skills
  • Traditional leading techniques
  • Building anchors with traditional climbing equipment
  • Perfecting weakness and harnessing strengths


Advanced Level
Number of Participants Half Day Full Day
1 $140 $205
2 $130 $170
3 $110 $150
4 $100 $130
5 $95 $120
6 $90 $110


Important Information about all of our trips:


Reservations are required.  Reservations will need a 50% non-refundable deposit to reserve the instructor.  Please see our Reservations page for more information.


Please click here for the pricing list for all activities offered by Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure.

General Layout of the Day:

Check in and meet with your certified instructor at the Torrent Falls Facility. Your instructor will meet with you for several minutes at the beginning of your trip to see where you are and what your goals are. They will make sure you have all the equipment you need for the day and then head to cliffs! All instruction is done at the “cliff-side” to give you the most out of your climbing day.

Length of Day:

Half Day or Full Day in Spring, Summer, or Fall

Half day (4 hours) is recommended for complete beginners, or ages 12 and under. Start time of either 8:30 am or 2 pm EST.

Full day (8 hours) is recommended for groups of 5 or more, for people that have some climbing experience, or for people that are very athletic and amped for a full day. Usual start time is 9 am EST.

Private/Group Instruction

These Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced guided trips are private, meaning it will be just whoever is in your party and the certified climbing instructor. However, we do offer group instruction at a great rate, please see our Clinics page for more information.  Having these classes as private, guarantees that the trip is completely catered to you, whether you want to just get out and climb for the first time or if you have a specific subject/process that you want learn, we’ve got you covered.

Our certified guides are great at meeting you at your level and challenging you from there. Generally these classes are designed to be taken over multiple visits with the goal of getting you to climb safely on your own.

Ages/Weight/& Other Restrictions

  • There is no age limit for this activity, however we recommend that participants are 6 years of age or older
  • An adult is required to be present for youth ages 14 and under.  The adult doesn’t have to participant and therefore doesn’t have to pay, but may be required to sign a waiver and aid the instructor with rope set up.
  • There are no weight limits but one must be able to safely fit in our harnesses ranging up to a 54” waist.
  • Allergies, Medical Conditions, Pertinent Past History: If there are any allergies, medical conditions, or anything that we would need to know, please let us know and inform your instructor upon arrival.  If there are any medical conditions please do not forget to bring any medications (including EpiPens/inhalers, etc.).  This activity is NOT recommended for anyone that has a serious medical condition.

Important Information / FAQ

  • Safety is our # 1 concern, but there is risk with any high adventure activity.
  • We take trips out Rain or Shine!
  • Trips are booked with a 6:1 ratio of clients to instructor.  If you have more than 6 participants, you will have more than one instructor.
  • For a detailed list of what to bring, please see the What To Bring page under Plan Your Trip.
  • Food/Snacks/Water is not provided, so make sure you bring your own!
  • All climbing gear is provided but if you have your own you are welcome to use it.
  • Gratuity for our guides is not included in the pricing.  Management recommends tipping your instructors 10-20%