Clinics teach you proper climbing skills in a group setting with certified instructors.

Rock Climbing Clinics

Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure offers 1 day rock climbing clinics in the Red River Gorge, KY!  Climbing Clinics are a great way to learn about the sport of climbing from an American Mountain Guide Association Single Pitch Instructor (AMGA SPI), in a group session, for an outstanding price.

Traditional & Sport Climbing ClinicsThese Guided Rock Climbing Clinics are geared for individuals that want to rock climb safely. It is a course that is targeted to people that have little experience but want to learn and also to those that have been climbing a few years but want to better their skills.

This Guided Rock Climbing Clinic is a group course. If you would like to participate in a private course, please review our Guided Rock Climbing page.

What is the difference between a Climbing Clinic and a Private Trip?

Our Climbing Clinics are a group class meaning you will be joined in with other individuals.  The Private Guided Climbing trips are private, meaning just whoever is in your party and the certified instructor.  The Clinics will follow more of a curriculum and the private classes are completely catered to you.  Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure selects the dates offered for the Clinics; whereas the client selects the date for the private guided trips.

Upcoming 2017 Course Dates

Unfortunately we are not offering clinics for the Spring or Summer of 2017; however we may have some Fall dates, so please check back or contact us for  more information.

With that said, PRIVATE GUIDED TRIPS ARE STILL AVAILABLE, so give us a call to schedule your next private trip.

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Course Curriculum

1 Day Clinics

Sport Climbing Clinics:
Great introduction into Sport Climbing. Great transition class from indoor to outdoor climbing. Learn knot tying, belaying, lead climbing,  cleaning (gear retrieval), climbing technique, and discussion of what gear to purchase (and how it should properly fit), where to purchase and gear maintenance.

Traditional Climbing Clinics:
Great introduction into Traditional Climbing. Learn the difference between active and passive gear, gear placements, anchor building, knot tying, belaying, cleaning (gear retrieval), traditional climbing technique, and discussion of what gear to purchase (and how it should properly fit), where to purchase and gear maintenance.


Reservations are required.  Reservations will need a 50% non-refundable deposit to reserve the instructor.  Please see Reservations for more information.


Please click here for the pricing list for all activities offered by Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure.

Important Information/FAQ

  • Safety is our #1 concern, but there is risk with any high adventure activity.

  • We take trips out Rain or Shine!

  • Recommended for people that want to learn how to rock climb safely. Great for people that have minimal skills/knowledge.  Also highly recommended for those that have been climbing for a few years.  Clinics are a great way to learn more efficiency and how to best apply skills you already know.

  • Often times, our clients will participate in the climbing clinics first to get a good introduction for a great price and then book a private trip to better hone in on new skills learned or to get more specific questions answered.

  • This is a class to teach you how to climb safely on your own, there is no certification given upon completion of this course.

  • Although recommended for adults, as young as 6 years of age can participate.

  • Clinic starts at 9 am and lasts between 6-8 hours.  Please meet at the Torrent Falls main facility at 8:30 am.

  • For a detailed list of what to bring, please see What To Bring under Plan Your Trip.

  • Food/Snacks/Water is not provided, so make sure you bring your own!

  • All climbing gear is provided but if you have your own you are welcome to use it. The following items are provided but if you have your own you may bring…Climbing harness, Climbing shoes, Climbing helmet, Belay device, locking carabiners, Sport/Trad gear, 4-5mm 3 ft Cordelette, 6-7mm approx 18ft Cordelette

    ***Please note, in certain circumstances you may not be allowed to use your own equipment.

  • Gratuity for our guides is not included in the pricing.  Management recommends tipping your instructors 10-20%