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FREE “Ask an Instructor” Clinic 9/3/17

Join us this season for a series of FREE instructional clinics at Muir Valley!
Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure will provide an “Ask an Instructor” clinic on Sunday, 9/3/17 from 8:30-11:00 am at the pavilion in the main Muir Valley parking lot.

This is a time for anyone to come and speak with a nationally certified instructor on any question or concern you may have about rock climbing and rappelling. Common topics include: how to clean a route, how to lead climb, how to belay/lead belay and many other topics such as but not limited to: climbing technique, resting technique, knots & friction hitches, area information & crag location, self rescue, belay take overs, ascending, hauling, etc.

Walk-ins are welcome at these “Ask an Instructor” clinics; you may also sign up via Facebook – check out our Facebook page  for an event listing soon.

Want to learn even more? Make a reservation for guided climbing (call 606-668-6613) – all our trips are private and completely catered to you!